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Looking for a *FREE* secure distro that offers secure web sites and webmail? Look no further with my complete freebsd walkthrough.

Are you looking for a *FREE* fast, reliable mail server? My complete FreeBSD walkthrough will guide you step-by-step on how to install FreeBSD and how to upgrade ports, then Upgrade your system to -STABLE, Installing applications like Apache (for https requests), Perl (support for coding), PHP (Web application support) and then installing your mailserver.

The mailserver will support the following:

Secure sending on SSL or TLS
Secure mail checking on POP3SSL
Secure Webmail on https
Automatic Spam Filtering

The guide installs qmail (the mailserver) along with a mailing list manager, virus and spam scanning, vacation messages, administrator tools and much more.

You basically have two options for installing FreeBSD; You can install it on a regular PC or you can install FreeBSD as a virtual machine within ESXi.

Option 1a: Installing FreeBSD on a regular PC

Option 1b: How to install a FreeBSD VM on ESXi 6

Step 2: Updating and maintaining ports and sources

Step 3: Installing and using screen

Step 4: Tracking -STABLE on FreeBSD

Step 5: Installing Apache

Step 6: Installing Mysql

Step 7: Installing phpMyAdmin

Step 8: If you would like to create a queing service you can setup qmail with a very basic setup

Step 9:
Setup qmail

I want to thank you for your continued support. You can email me with any questions, errors or comments to vinnie AT freebsdrocks DOT net.

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